How to activate an already installed G DATA product for Windows

This article will help you to (re)unlock your already installed G DATA product after your previous license has expired

If your G DATA license is shown as no longer valid, you can reactivate the license without reinstalling the actual program again.

All you need is a valid, unused registration number or valid access data (username and password).

If you have purchased a completely new license, use the corresponding registration number for activation.

If you have already received new access data, enter them into the software.

If you have recently purchased your G DATA product and do not know where to find the registration number, you may find the following article may help you: How to find your G DATA registration number.

On the other hand, if you don’t know how to get your credentials, we recommend this article: How to find or request your G DATA credentials again.

Once you have the necessary data for reactivation at hand, proceed as follows:

Open your G DATA Software.

Click on Access data in the lower left part of the window. This will open the Settings.

GDATATOTALPROTECTION SecurityCenterLoginCredentials

If you are using a new, unused registration number, click Activate new license on the right side.

In the window that now opens, enter your new registration number and the necessary data and click Enable now. Your G DATA software will then connect to the G DATA update server and will be activated.

Your new credentials will be automatically entered into the software, and your G DATA product will now update itself regularly, so that you always enjoy the best G DATA protection.

If you use your access data, simply overwrite the data entered so far in the fields username and password.

Click OK at the bottom of the window to confirm. Your G DATA software will then connect to the G DATA update server and will be activated.

From now on, your software will update itself automatically, so you will always enjoy the best G DATA protection.