G DATA Mobile Security Android (MSA)

Installing and activating MSA Light/trial version via APK

We recommend that you always install MSA via the Google Play Store, so that you can install all updates despite a running license and thus always have an up-to-date app version.

→ This is how you install and activate MSA Light via APK on your Android device:

Go to https://www.gdata.de/downloads and search for "G DATA Mobile Security for Android".

Tap on trial version.


A warning message is displayed.

Tap Download anyway.

The file will be downloaded.


Tap Open.


If your Android settings do not allow unknown apps to be installed, the following warning message appears:

Tap on Settings.


The settings will open.

  • Move the slider at Allow from this source to the right so that the installation can be performed.

  • Go back to the installation via the blue arrow.


Tap Install to install the app now.


The app will now be installed.

To activate the app, tap Open now.


  • Optionally, set the checkmarks in the two checkboxes.

  • Tap Accept & Continue. This means you accept the End User-License Agreement and the Privacy Policy.


Tap Start 30-Day Trial.


You will now see the screen for entering the data required for the 30-day trial.

  • Register by entering your first and last name and your email address.

  • Optionally, tick the checkbox.

  • Then tap on Start.


The app opens and you will now first receive an introduction to the functionalities of the app, through which you will be guided. At the end of the introduction, you will see the following message:

Tap Allow. If you do not allow the app to access the media, app functions - for example, virus scanning - cannot be performed.


The app will now automatically start a virus scan on your Android device.


You have completed the installation.

You will now have free access to all features of the Premium version for 30 days. After this trial period expires, your device will continue to be protected by the virus scan. The functions of the premium version are automatically deactivated.