G DATA Mobile Security Android

Basic information about Web Protection

What is the Web Protection?

There are many websites that have the sole purpose of spying on you or phishing you. The goal of G DATA WebProtection is to identify these websites and protect you from them. To achieve this goal, Web Protection checks every website you visit.

In order for us to be allowed to do this, you must actively give us your permission by activating Web Protection. You will learn how to do this in the following chapters.

Why can’t web protection be easily enabled for an APK installation?

Google wants to protect its users from harmful apps. Potentially harmful apps are all apps that

  • a) were not installed via the Google Play Store

  • b) access confidential information

Although MSA aims to protect the Android device instead of harming it, the app meets exactly these two criteria:

  • a) while we offer our customers the option to install the app via the Google Play Store, we additionally allow installation via APK. (See chapter → Installing and activating MSA (Premium) via the APK).

  • b) The web protection identifies harmful websites. To do this, it checks every web page that is accessed on the Android device. By activating the web protection, you give us permission to access this data or this confidential information.