How do I update the software version (G DATA Antivirus Mac)?

This article explains how to perform a software update

Open G DATA Antivirus Mac.

G DATA MAC Securitycenter alles ok

Click on Settings on the left-hand side and select Update.

MAC Setting PGM gestartet

If an update is available, you will receive a message that you can use to perform the update.

G DATA MAC Mitteilung SW Update


You can find all current messages in the MacOS message centre of the same name.

G DATA MAC Mitteilungscenter SW Update 2

Select Update in the G DATA Antivirus Updater window.

MAC G DATA Update prompt

Enter the password of your account to carry it out.

G DATA MAC Admin Kennwort

Once the update is complete, G DATA Antivirus Mac Updater will display a message. Confirm this with OK.

The latest version of G DATA Antivirus Mac is now installed on your system.

G DATA MAC PGM abgeschlossen