G DATA Antivirus Mac Installation and Activation

How to install and activate G DATA Antivirus Mac


① Download the latest version of G DATA Antivirus Mac via this link.

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The installation file of the G DATA Antivirus Mac

② Now double-click on the file G DATA Antivirus(…​).pkg.

Then click on Continue.

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Start the installation of G DATA Antivirus Mac

③ In the next window, click Continue again.

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Introduction G DATA Antivirus Mac Installation Wizard

④ ead the software licence agreement and click Continue.

At this point, the license agreement can also be printed out or saved to your hard drive.
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G DATA Software License Agreement
If you would like to read the software licence agreement in another language, you can select it at the top centre.
G DATA Software License Agreement

⑤ If you wish to continue, accept the software licence agreement by clicking Accept in the pop-up.

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Accept the license agreement

⑥ Read the complete privacy policy and scroll all the way down, click Continue.

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The G DATA data privacy agreement
You can also read the privacy policy in another language, select it in the middle of the top.
Data privacy agreement language selection

⑦ Click Continue to proceed with the installation.

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AntiVirusMac Installation Installationspruefung
Installation check

⑧ For the standard installation, click on Install.

If you have several hard drives, select the desired location for the installation by clicking on Change installation location.
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AntiVirusMac Installation Installationstyp
Choose installation type
Select here how you want to install the software. Then continue the installation with Continue. you will be carried back to the "Installation type" item and click install.
AntiVirusMac Installation Zielvolume auswaehlen
Choose installation type

⑨ You receive a message that an installation program is trying to install new software. Confirm this process with your Touch ID or by entering your Mac password.

The software then installs itself autonomously.

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AntiVirusMac Installation Passwortabfrage
Password query

⑩ When the installation is complete, click Close.

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AntiVirusMac Installation Zusammenfassung
Installation concluded successfully

⑪ Finally, select whether you want to Keep or put the installation file into the trash bin.

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AntiVirusMac Installation Zusammenfassung Installationsprogramm entsorgen
Disposal of the installation file


① Create a new account or click on I am already a G DATA customer if you already possess access data.

After successful registration, your G DATA Antivirus Mac will update on its own.

Your automatically created access data will also be sent to you by e-mail.

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Set Permissions

① UTo fully scan your Mac, G DATA Antivirus Mac needs the Disk Full Access. permission.

Click Allow access to set up full disk access.

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AntiVirusMac Festplattenvollzugriff
Set up necessary permissions

② Click on the lock to make changes and then click "+".

Select G DATA Antivirus and confirm with Open.

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AntiVirusMac Sicherheit Festplattenvollzugriff
Set up necessary permissions
AntiVirusMac Sicherheit Festplattenvollzugriff Auswahl

① Finally, click Exit now. Your G DATA Antivirus Mac will open again and the full disk access setup is complete.

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AntiVirusMac Sicherheit Festplattenvollzugriff Beenden
Restart Application