G DATA VPN for Windows: Configuration

This article describes the settings of G DATA VPN for Windows

G DATA VPN for Windows can be configured by using the multiple settings.

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Here you can choose between English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Polish and Portuguese.

In order for the language to be adopted, the software must be closed and restarted. Closing the program window is not sufficient, because the application is still active in the tray bar (the tray bar with the active programs can be found in the lower right corner of Windows normally at the bottom right). To properly close the software, Right-click on the tray icon and choose Terminate.


Here you can choose between WireGuard, IKEv2 (256Bit AES, Windows standard) and two OpenVPN variants (highest security = 256Bit AES, best performance = 128Bit AES). When OpenVPN is installed, a prompt for the installation of a new network adapter appears.

Automatic reconnection

Automatically reconnect in case of connection interruptions. The number of connection attempts can be set, how often this is attempted.

Split Tunneling

Allows connection to local IP addresses while VPN connection is active.


Disconnects the Internet connection when no VPN connection is active.

Automatic program launch

Open G DATA VPN on Windows startup.

Start G DATA VPN in background

G DATA VPN is started at Windows startup without opening the program window.

On program startup

Selection of whether the VPN connection should be established immediately when the software is started.

On program window closure

Selection of whether only the program window is closed or the software is completely terminated.