Unable to connect to the G DATA update server - what can I do?

This article gives advice and tips on troubleshooting connection difficulties to the G DATA update server

The error message "It is not possible to connect to the update server" indicates that your G DATA software cannot connect via Internet to our update servers.

GDATA TotalProtectionErrorKeineVerbindung
Error message Update failed.

In many cases, a simple reboot of your system is enough to re-establish the connection.

Select the Restart option, as this is the only way to performs a proper Windows restart.
Windows neu starten

Missing admin rights

In cases where rebooting the system is not sufficient, you may need administrator privileges to successfully load updates.

Therefore, first right-click on the G DATA icon on your desktop, select Run as administrator and confirm the following Windows prompt with Yes.

Click Next update and update the virus signatures now.

If the update can now be performed with administrator privileges, it would be helpful to contact our Support.

General connection problems

Another common cause are general connection problems.

  • Therefore, first check your Internet connection and make sure that data transfers are taking place at sufficient speed.

  • Restart your router/modem and, if using a WLAN router, check whether the update is possible when connected via a network cable.

  • Make sure that your G DATA software is not blocked by filters in your router or by the router firewall.

Follow the additional steps in this guide if the connection is otherwise fine, but the error message persists when attempting the signature update.

Installed Software

Make sure that no other security software is installed or remove it while cleaning up all leftovers (corresponding instructions/tools for complete removal can be found on the respective manufacturer’s websites).

Programs that influence your network traffic (Network Manager / Content Filter) can also cause difficulties. Therefore, disable or remove them as well.

Proxy Settings

Does the Internet settings of your Windows system include the use of a proxy server?

Press Windows key and type Internet Options. Then click Internet Options in the search results.


Click here on LAN settings and check the proxy server settings there. If a check mark is set there, remove it as a test.



Independently of this, check whether a proxy server is entered in the G DATA software (Settings → Updates → Internet settings). Check the configuration and also remove it as a test.


Certificate Error

The G DATA update servers use an encrypted connection that must be verified by an appropriate certificate. If this certificate is missing, no connection to the update servers can be established.

In some cases, this certificate is not present or the system time is not set correctly.

Press and hold the Windows key and also press the R key. Now enter


and confirm with OK.


The Windows certificate manager will now open.

Click on trusted root certificates and then double click on certificates.

Look for the entry DigiCert Global Root CA. If this is present, the certificate is not the cause of the connection problems.

If the entry is not available, please download the certificate it at DigiCert and follow the instructions.

GDATA digicert

In the Certificate Import Wizard, select Current User under Location and click Next.

Now click Browse…​. and select previously downloaded certificate file.

Make sure that the option Save all certificates in the following repository is selected, and that Trusted Root Certification Authorities is listed.

Click Next and conclude the process by clicking Complete.

When nothing has helped

If you are still unable to connect to the update server, our technical support will assist you around the clock.

Please have the exact error message of your G DATA software, as well as the Windows error message ready.