The status "Next update: running" does not change

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G DATA Antivirus

G DATA Internet Security

G DATA Total Security

Under rare circumstances, Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10 may permanently display the status "Next update: running".

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GDATA Update wird ausgefuehrt
The status "Next update: running" does not change

This article shows you how to correct the display.

① Restart your Computer

Select the Restart option, because only with this a proper Windows restart is performed. Shutting down the PC and booting it up again does not fix the problem.
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Windows Reboot
Windows Restart

② Open your G DATA software and run the virus signature update by clicking on Last update (or on Next update) and then on Update virus signatures.

The date of the last virus signature update should be displayed again after the update has been successfully installed.

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Display is correct again