IYour G DATA software displays the message "Invalid credentials"

This article describes what you can do if your G DATA software displays the "Invalid credentials" message

Possible cause 1: Different product installed or expired license

If you install a deviating product, the access data will not be accepted.

This would be for example: You have a username and password for a G DATA Total Security license, but G DATA Antivirus was installed. In this case you will get the error message "Credentials invalid".

You can identify the installed product in the SecurityCenter of the G DATA software or check the list of installed programs. You can find out which product your access data matches in My G DATA Customer Center.

In this case, it is enough to uninstall the wrong variant of the G DATA software and subsequently to install your correct variant.

You will also receive the message "Access data invalid" if your license has expired.

You can check if your license has expired in My G DATA Customer Center.

Mygdata abgelaufeneLizenz
License in MY G DATA Customer Center

Perhaps you accidentally used an old username and are missing the details of your current license? In this case you can request your access data here.

Possible cause 2: Error when entering the account credentials

Depending on the font, some characters may not always be clearly recognizable. For example, a capital O (like Otto) and a 0 (zero) can easily be confused. Pay attention to the upper and lower case when entering the access data. For general information about your license, see the overview of MY G DATA.

We therefore recommend entering the access data as described below:

Highlight the username or password in the access data email by holding down the left mouse button and swiping over it.


Click the marker with the right mouse button and select copy.


Switch to the G DATA software and right-click in the appropriate field for username or password and select insert.