The boot scan

If your computer is brand new or has been previously protected by anti-virus software, you can install your G DATA software just like normal Windows software by starting the installation wizard from the data medium (G DATA software DVD) or from its download directory (if purchased online) and start the installation. The necessary steps are described in chapter Installation.

However, if you have a reasonable suspicion that your computer is already infected with viruses, it is recommended to perform a boot scan with the G DATA DVD before installing the G DATA software and starting your Windows operating system.

What is a boot scan?

When you turn on your computer, your Windows operating system usually starts automatically. This process is called booting. However, there is also the possibility to start other operating systems and programs automatically. To check your computer for viruses even before Windows starts, G DATA provides in addition to the installable Windows version a bootable special version for the boot scan.

How do I prepare my computer for a boot scan if it is not preset accordingly?

If your computer does not boot from CD/DVD-ROM, please perform the following steps in advance:

Turn off you computer.

Restart your computer and enter the BIOS. Typically, you get to the BIOS setup by pressing the del-key (depending on the system you may be able to also use F2 or F10) when booting the computer.

The details of how to change the settings in your BIOS setup vary from computer to computer. Please refer to the documentation of your computer.

As a result, the boot order should be CD/DVD-ROM, Drive C. That is, the CD/DVD-ROM drive becomes the first boot device, and the hard disk partition with your Windows operating system becomes the second boot device.

Save the changes and restart your computer. Now your computer is ready for a boot scan.

How do I abort a boot scan?

If your computer should not display the usual Windows environment after a reboot, but the interface of the G DATA bootscan software, then this is no reason to worry. If you have not scheduled a bootscan, simply select with the arrow keys the entry "Microsoft Windows" and then click on Return. Now your Windows starts normally without a previous bootscan.

Booting from USB stick: If you use a USB stick as boot medium, you can also select this as the first boot device.

Step by step execution of a boot scan

Bootscan with the program DVD: Insert the G DATA DVD into the drive. On the startup window that opens, click Cancel and restart the computer.

Bootscan with G DATA software that you downloaded from the Internet: You create your own boot medium by using the entry "G DATA Create boot medium" in the G DATA program group to create your own boot medium. Insert your self-burned boot DVD into the drive or connect the boot USB stick to your computer. On the opening boot window click Cancel and restart the computer.

The computer restarts. The start menu of the G DATA boot scan appears.

Use the arrow keys to select "G DATA Boot Medium". A Linux operating system is now started from the DVD and a G DATA special version for boot scans appears.

If you have problems with the view of the program interface, please restart the computer and select the option "G DATA Boot Medium - Alternative".

Now you will see the program interface. Click on the entry "Scan computer" and your computer will be scanned for viruses and malware. This process can take an hour or longer, depending on the type of computer and the size of the hard drive.

If the G DATA software finds viruses, please remove them using the option suggested in the program. After successful removal of the virus, the original file will still be available.

After the virus scan is finished, please exit the system by clicking on the small x (in the upper right corner of the window).

Remove the G DATA software DVD from the drive as soon as the drawer of your drive opens or remove the boot USB stick.

Turn off your computer again and restart it. Now your computer will restart with your default Windows operating system and it is guaranteed that you can install the regular G DATA software on a virus-free system.