G DATA 365 | Managed XDR

User management

Persons are created as users who are to be given permission to manage the portal and/or the products it contains in your G DATA Web Portal.

During Kick off you define which of your employees should be assigned the role of IT Operation Manager. Our G DATA Security Operations Team will set up a corresponding user for this employee during onboarding.

This user can be used to create and manage all other required users.

Only one user with IT Operation Manager permissions can be created. All other users will be assigned the roles you have created afterwards. The IT Operation Manager cannot be deleted.

Management within the portal

G DATA 365 | Managed XDR users

Create users

You can create a new user by clicking the + Create user button. The user is created with their e-mail address.

Group mailboxes may not be used at this point!

Mandatory fields are: E-mail address, last name, the organizational unit to be assigned and the language.

Once you have created a new user account, our backend will send a confirmation e-mail to the specified address. The user can then confirm their e-mail address and set a personal password.
You log into the G DATA Web Portal using your e-mail address and password.

Optionally, you can already assign the intended role of the user in this step, though this can be done at a later stage.

As long as the user has not been assigned a role, they can already log in to portal.gdata.de, but they do not yet have access to the available data. They will only see this data once they have been assigned a role.

Storing your employee’s first name is also optional.

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G DATA 365 | Managed XDR users

2-factor authentication

This toggle can be used to activate or deactivate 2-factor authentication tenant-wide.

Open detail view

If you want to edit, temporarily deactivate or delete a user, click once in the row of the user.

A detail view opens on the right-hand side of the screen.

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G DATA 365 | Managed XDR users
If you delete a user who is part of the emergency chain, you will receive a notification at this point. If it was the only user left within the emergency chain, you must specify another user as substitution at this point.

Personal data

You will find the user’s personal data in the detail window. Permitted users can change this data by clicking on the desired row.

Working field

You will find the user’s working field in the open detail view.

Here authorized users can:

Assign roles

To do this, click on the existing role. A pull-down menu opens from which you can select the desired role.

Move the user to another organizational unit

Click on move. A window opens with a pull-down menu from which you can select the desired organizational unit.

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G DATA 365 | Managed XDR users

Sort or filter users

You can sort the users by name, first name, e-mail address and role.

If you want to see all users of an organizational unit, there is a separate filter function (see screenshot).

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G DATA 365 | Managed XDR users