G DATA WebProtection

In this area you can activate or deactivate the web protection. The web protection is a module that automatically detects threats while surfing the Internet and during downloads and, if necessary, renders them harmless. It serves useful support for the virus guard and blocks harmful websites and downloads before they can even be called up.

If a website is detected as a threat by the G DATA software and is blocked, you will receive an information page from G DATA in your browser instead of the website.

  • Disable web protection: If you deactivate web protection, this can save time, e.g. for very large downloads from a secure source. In principle, your computer is protected by the virus guard even without web protection. Nevertheless, you should only disable web protection in exceptional cases.

  • Set exceptions: Web protection ensures that you do not fall victim to infected or fraudulent websites on the Internet. In rare cases, however, it can happen that a website is not displayed correctly, even though it comes from a secure provider. In such a case, you can then whitelist this Internet address, i.e. you can define it as an exception and the web protection will no longer block this page.

  • Other settings: Further setting options of G DATA WebProtection.