Overarching features

A brief overview of the cross-divisional features.



button settings

This button in the top right-hand corner gives you access to all the settings dialogue boxes in the various areas of the software. In the respective area itself, you also have the option of directly selecting the appropriate settings dialogue.

button protocols

The software lists current logs of all actions carried out (virus check, update, virus detection, etc.) here.

button help

In the top right-hand corner of the software header you will also find the following functions:

Display help: You can call up the detailed programme help in the software at any time. To do this, simply press the help button shown there.

Update programme: If new programme versions of the software are available, you can update them as well as the virus information with a click of the mouse. If you receive the information here that an update is available, simply click on the entry Update programme.

Here you can obtain information on the program version. The version number can be helpful, for example, when talking to the Service Centre.

Software modules

The following software modules are available, depending on your installed software version.




icon security center

SecurityCenter: Your personal security center. Here you can get all the information you need to protect your computer from malware and react specifically to threats.

icon virusguard

Virus protection: In this section you will get information about when your computer was last scanned for viruses and whether the virus guard is currently actively protecting it from infections. You can also scan the computer or disk directly for malware, quarantine infected files and create a boot medium.

icon firewall

Firewall: A firewall protects your computer from being "spied out". It checks which data, programs or networks from the Internet access your computer or what data is sent from your computer. As soon as something indicates that data on your computer is being uploaded or downloaded without authorization, the firewall raises an alarm andblocks the unauthorized data exchange. This software module is available in the program versions G DATA Internet Security and G DATA Total Security.

icon backup

Backup: Backing up your personal data is becoming increasingly important. Whether it is due to hardware failure, an accident or damage by viruses or hacker attacks: Your private documents should be backed up regularly. The Backup module takes over this task for you and protects your important documents and files without you having to constantly worry about it. This software module is available to you in the program version G DATA Total Security.

icon password manager

Password Manager: With the G DATA Passwort Manager you can conveniently manage passwords in your browser. This software module has a browser plugin and is available in the G DATA Total Security program version.

icon tuner

Tuner: From the automatic reminder of Windows updates to a regular time-controlled defragmentation and the regular removal of superfluous registry entries and temporary files, with the Tuner you have a tool at hand that makes your Windows system significantly faster and cleaner. This software module is available in the program version G DATA Total Security.

icon youth protection

Parental Control: Parental Control allows you to regulate surfing behavior and computer usage for your children. This software module is available in the program versions G DATA Internet Security and G DATA Total Security.

icon encryption

Encryption: The encryption module, like a bank vault, is used to secure sensitive data. A safe is an extra drive, that is used like another hard disk partition, or a mobile data safe. Both variants are easy to use. This software module is available in the program version G DATA Total Security.

icon autostart manager

Autostart Manager: With the Autostart Manager it is possible to manage programs that are automatically started when Windows starts. Normally, these programs are started directly at system startup. If they are managed by the Autostart Manager, they can be started delayed, depending on the load of the system or the hard disk. This allows a faster system start and thus offer an improved performance of your computer.

icon device control

Device control: This feature allows you to restrict the use of removable media, CD/DVD and floppy drives or mobile devices (e.g. smartphones) for certain users of your computer. This way you can prevent unwanted export or import of data or installations of software. Now also features the USB KeyboardGuard.